A shout to ’80s electro and early hip hop and house. Respect to DJ Chris “The Glove” Taylor. Available now at Bandcamp or your favourite online music retailer.



“Ten years in the making, recorded over two months, the Symphony Project’s ‘Cut Up & Drive’ pushes the limits of what a hip hop mix-tape can be.” — Onion magazine

“Adelaide’s own DJ Next and DJ Sum-1 have paid their dues behind the decks.” — Onion magazine

“Influenced by movies like Beat Street, I started out making pause tapes, then getting turntables and learning to scratch,” Next reveals. “We both competed for several years in the DMC/ITF competition circuit. I’ve played the club circuit for years too as well as DJing for groups and releasing mixtapes/albums. I’ve just always done my thing and had fun doing it. It’s never been about the money. And back in the day, for the most part, there was no money in it!”

Sum-1 adds, “We were both bedroom scratch heads for years before anyone knew who we were.”

Next and Sum-1 take turntablism very seriously. “I have found a persistent feedback loop in my studio at home that I just can’t track down. It may be extraterrestrials,” Next speculates. “More like the dead trying to communicate than aliens,” Sum-1 reasons.

Career highlights? For Sum-1, winning the ‘98 ITF Aust/NZ title then placing 5th in the Amsterdam world final stands out. For Next, “recording my first ever album with the Hilltop Hoods and releasing it on vinyl and cassette only. Winning my first DMC competition in ‘96 and placing 2nd in the nationals. Being put on as a resident at the Indo when I lived in London. And I have to say, all these years later, this new tape is certainly one of my proudest achievements. Returning to Australia and reuniting with my long-time partner and banging out another tape. For me, there’s nothing better.”

“We really went all out on this one,” Next declares. “We wanted to make it more than your average mix-tape.”

The blend of Australian and US artists as well as their own productions and turntablist mash-ups make it a complete package.
It is also yet another example of why Adelaide has such a good name when it comes to quality hip hop.

“Purpose and Headstrong Company both have exclusive new tracks on there. Hilltop Hoods have a track on there. Funkwig of F&D/Social Change did a beat for us. And of course both of us are originally from Adelaide.”

– Onion magazine

Cut Up & Drive Digital Edition is available now from CD Baby or your favourite online music retailer.